Eden MacAdam-Somer

violinist, fiddler, singer, composer, educator…musician extraordinaire


News: My new solo cd My First Love Story is now available online, with concerts to follow in Boston, Houston, California, Italy…click this link to listen to tracks and order your copy from CDBaby, or find it and Ran Blake’s Ghost Tones at A-Side Records!

Also, come raise your musical voices to support students and colleagues in Afghanistan on July 17, by attending and a Community Sing and Play-In for AFCECO at Church of the Covenant in Boston. You’ll hear great local artists, meet AFCECO founder Andeisha Farid, and participate in a huge community orchestra and choir. Click here for more info!

Eden MacAdam-Somer is one of the most exciting and versatile musicians performing today, transcending genre through soaring violin and fiddling, sweet vocals, and percussive dance. Lauded by the New York Times as demonstrating “astonishing virtuosity and raw expression,” she is a captivating and breathtaking artist, beguiling her audiences with a style that is truly her own…

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